Happy Easter and a Freebie!

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and
all are looking forward to a beautiful Spring!!

I can't believe the change in our weather in just a week!
It's been gorgeous this last weekend and I am
hoping this is a good sign that Spring has SpRuNg!!
Our Elms and Oaks all have buds on them and
what few flowers survived the Winter are now popping
up and starting to show some color.
Yes, I think Spring has finally sprung... :)

I thought I would share with you our latest little project.
Years ago hubby and I used to do a lot of crafting and
woodworking. Our decorating of choice was Country
so that lent itself nicely to the pieces of furniture
dear hubby would build for me. One of the pieces we
came  up with was a "tie wardrobe."  Hubby had so
many ties and it seemed none of the store bought tie racks
would hold them and allow him to have easy access.
What is a tie wardrobe, you might ask?

Well... here is what his looks like...


Rick's Dad was one of the recipients of our little creation
and when he sized down he no longer had a place for his
wardrobe. We brought it home with us and it sat in our
garage all Winter. I was out sorting through some things
when I ran across it and thought surely there is some way
we could use this! Hubby did not need another wardrobe..
and then it hit me!! Hubby added some shelves

and... Voila! Just what I needed!! :)

Dad's tie wardrobe has now become our spice cabinet.
We were SO HaPPy to find a new use for Dad's "tie wardrobe!" 

Scrapping News!
I've been busy working on a few new products
and I hope to have some exciting news to share
very soon!  I do appreciate you being patient
with me as I get through this remodeling adventure
and start a new chapter in my Scrapbook Designing!
You ALL are the BeSt!!!!

A little "thank you" from me to YOU!

Easter is just around the corner

so I created this adorable QP for you. :)


Download HERE
*this download is available for a limited time

Happy Easter Scrapping!!

Hugs... Linda :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Linda and so glad you are happy with your home. I have loved your designs for years and glad you have not given up completely! Wishing you a Happy Easter!